Latest Projects

March, 2015
Coastguard Boating Education - Course scheduling web application.
April, 2015
International Maritime Rescue Federation UK, Rescue Boat Guidelines web applicaion.
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About Coyote

Coming from an engineering background, founder Ray Jones has always had an ability to "make things and fix things", no matter how big the challenge or how complex. In the late 1980's and early 1990's electronics and computing really made inroads into the engineering industry, and over the next 10 years really transformed almost every modern piece of engineering by being designed by, manufactured by, controlled by or maintained by a computer.

This really was an industrial evolution, on top of which came the internet, bringing with it another whole world to explore and a new industry for workers to train in and enter. Ray Jones grasped this opportunity and studied and learnt at a frantic pace over those years to become one of the early adopters of these exciting new technologies. Being a pioneer at the "bleeding edge" is not always easy, and along with successes there were also failures. How else can you walk a path that no-one has walked before? But you learn a lot from taking this approach and always being prepared to "have-a-go" when others shy away has always set Ray apart from his competitors..

That's what we have to offer most, hard won experience.

Our Philosophy

  • Make Coyote your partner for better Business Intelligence

    Information is at the core of businesses of all types and too often that information is locked away or not accessible to those who need it most.

    We can unlock that puzzle and present your information consistently and reliably the way you want it. Empower your people with easy access to this information by placing it at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere and in the format that is most useful to them.